brand invigoration


My expertise lies in the creation & execution of high quality, on-brand stylized imagery, copy, content and production from concept to finished product.


My metier delivers a thoughtful, new energy to your story through the power of beautiful, relevant images and expressive copy that empowers and invigorates your brand.


My goal is to identify and define your brand’s core principles, to strategically populate the message across all platforms, and to motivate and inspire your audience.


creative direction

editorial styling

brand collection styling

look book & e-commerce styling

advertising & video styling


casting & production

photo shoot casting

fashion show casting

talent booking

photo shoot production

fashion show production

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editorial features

branded content & copywriting

e-commerce copywriting


social media content


style & substance



my story

Fashion magazines have always held a special place in my heart. I cut my teeth on the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, i-D, Jill, and their formidable counterparts, poring over countless fashion stories that left an indelible mark on my impressionable style psyche. Seduced by fantastic clothing and accessories (oh, the accessories!), great photographers, and visionary designers, I found myself in those very pages that would become a window to the world I wanted to inhabit.

For me, fashion is a liberator, a tool of self-expression, and an opportunity to conjure magic throughout the big and small moments of life. The turn of a seam, the pitch of a shoulder, or the kick of a pleat are all gestures of style that continue to capture my imagination and fuel my desire to turn a moment of inspiration into aspiration and authentic conversation. But it’s not enough to simply talk within the fashion bubble. Fashion is for everyone. Fashion should empower all of us.

The goal is to encourage dialogue and desire with images and content, and to inspire a curious audience to read that article from start to finish or buy that black deconstructed washed-poly jacket because it feels like home. As a former Conde Nast editor, my ‘editor’s eye’ is constantly engaged, always searching for a connection, a feeling, and a way to tell the who, what, and why of the moment. I believe strongly in the power of craft, quality, and a dedication to authentic design and artistry, particularly in the creators who carry the torch of true vision.

How we talk about fashion now is in constant flux, but that unfettered excitement we experience as we click, view, or turn the page still remains as potent as ever, just as my everlasting devotion to the ever evolving story of fashion.


what’s your story?